Der Große Adventskalender TP – 17. Türchen

Das geschah bisher!

H: I don’t think that this is the case for me. I think last year was my worst but in the history of years. But this year was very emotional. Because I had to make so many important decisions. And the cool thing is, I took all the right decisions. Everything turned out exactly the way I wanted it. And I didn’t do any stupid things, that was even better.

N: Yes, you are just perfect. Anyway, I wanted to tell you something related because a couple of hours ago there was a scream in my office, so I was sitting here working diligently, like always, and there was a terrible scream in my office. so I jumped off the chair and ran out into the hallway, and asked my neighbors in the neighboring offices “did you hear that scream”, and 2 of them said no, and the third said “yes, but what about it?” And I said. Well, yes, what about it? We have to find out! It was a terrible scream, and so I went further down the hallway. And then there was this office with 3 colleagues, and I said, Did you hear the scream? And they said yes, it was her, and 2 of them pounded, pointed at the third person, and she said, Yes, but it was pure joy.

H: I’m happy to hear that in your office people are so happy they scream.

N: Absolutely. But she said well, it was not work related, but she’d just read on the internet that fireworks are allowed this year and this made her scream for joy and she said who was going to invest her whole bonus payment in fireworks. 

H: Oh, there’s someone coming into my room and doesn’t he look like an actual, grown-up person even though it is my kid.

N: Yes, I thought it was a neighbor. Anyway back to the shoes so you buy them now and we scream in front of the church and have fireworks and we have warm feet. 

H: But you know that the zebra boots are not elegant, right?

N: Yes, but you know there is snow outside and I only have shoes with leather soles, and when I walk with them in the snow I’m not elegant either. I can choose, either my shoes are not elegant or I am not elegant. It’s an easy choice.

H: These are very wise words. Yeah. Did I ever tell the story, I think I told it 20 times, when I was in the shoe outlet in New York, and I was trying on these heels, and next to me there was a very old and very elegant lady, and I said to my friend “no, they are not comfortable”. And the old lady looked at me, and she looked really totally disgusted and she said “this is not what shoes are about!” And I believed her, and for probably 15 years I was pretty uncomfortable. 

N: But that was just some old bitch you didn’t know, why on earth did you believe her, she may have been a sadist whose only fun in retirement was to sit around in shoe stores and tell people that they should buy uncomfortable shoes, I see her right in front of my inner eye with her disgusted look and her little plans for making other people’s lives difficult, she probably even had a little black notebook with a little elegant golden pen and she after dropping that remark to you she made a little checkmark, there, another one down, year! I totally see that. She might have been me in 30 years!!

H: That’s true.

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