Der Große Adventskalender TP – 16. Türchen

N: Excuse me, did you wash your hair again or is it greasy now?

H: Today I washed my hair again, and that is because I’m obsessive compulsive.

N: I know that. But I thought maybe you did sports.

H: No, I’m only obsessive compulsive. I don’t wanna be crazy like my neighbor, a couple of minutes ago she told me that her husband is training for a Marathon.

N: Oh, I’m happy to live in times where we have public transportation and these things, so I don’t see the reason to run 40 kilometers just to deliver a message.

H: I have a very weird habit, that is, I cannot shower without washing my hair. Then I feel unshowered, and also, I cannot leave the house, or receive guests, or do anywork without having a shower. So I have to wash my hair.

N: But I know all this. You lived with me for several years!

H: Maybe I am talking to the audience again. But maybe the audience knows this too because I’ve been blogging for 15 years now.

N: Probably so maybe you’re talking to yourself. This is something, you know, what people do just to reconfirm to themselves who they are. These are troubled times, it’s okay.

H: Maybe it’s my way of telling myself who I am. That I am okay.

N: You are okay. 

H: Well, the only problem is that Putin-wise of course it’s not really okay, because it would be even okayer if I took a wash cloth.

N: Yeah, well, i’m not there.

H: I’m not there either. I live with a teenager and a husband, none of us should be there.

N: I guess. I think, you know, things are not developing as nicely as we had been hoping them to do. But we are not back in Renaissance yet.

H: Oh but really, Renaissance is nice, because then people never wash but just use scented powder. I bought scented powder recently and it was delivered today.

N: Oh my god you bought things again.

H: I always buy things. I actually even drive somewhere tomorrow to buy things.

N: Okay, where do you drive? And what do you buy? Or is this not something for the audience?

H: No, it is okay because I think they also need to know my faults and flaws. But I have to explain, because I will drive tomorrow morning by car to the outlet center in Roermond. And I will go early because I have an appointment later, so I need to be back very early.And I don’t want to go shopping I only need to buy one thing, 2 things actually. And so here comes the explanation:

N: Shoes??

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