Der Große Adventskalender TP – 15. Türchen (Teil 2)

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H: It is, but in the bowls there is cat food. And before you came it was a very nice picture here to welcome you, I was sitting on the sofa, the cat was sitting next to me, and the dog was lying in front of me, crying, But now they are gone. Everyone went away, they don’t like you.

N: That’s okay. I’ll keep coming, they’ll get used to me.

H: Oh, I have a nice thing to tell, maybe.

N: Oh, yes, please, do.

H: I got an email from a client this morning saying, Could it be that you forget to charge us?

N: Sorry to interrupt but I have a question. Do you tell this again because you forgot that you already told me the same story this morning, or are you speaking to the audience?

H: I am speaking to the audience. When it happened, you were the first one I called to tell about it. Now I am telling the audience.

N: OK well go on and tell the audience, I’ll do someting else in the meantime because I already know this, doing the washing maybe. Go ahead, go ahead!

H: Sorry, but that’s actually very very good because it was a good amount of money.

N: Yeah, that’s good, wonderful. Yeah. I went to I think a Moroccan restaurant today.

H: Oh, so that was a very fancy choice.

N: Oh, it was not during the football game,

H: And what did you have?

N: I had a very good bowl with Falafel, lentil salad, cabbage salad and a lot of hummus, you know I have this hummus thing and can never get enough of it but this time it was so much that I couldn’t finish it. Totally new experience. You look like you are envious.

H: I am bored. I used to live at 1 point next to the most fantastic Lebanese restaurant Düsseldorf.

N: I remember that, Zederngrill or something.

H: No, it was a totally Lebanese name. And there was always hair in the food. So. it was really fantastic food and the best hummus ever, but every time I ordered food there and thathappened a lot, because we lived next to it, there was hair in my food.

N: Well, what did you order? Did you says “mit alles”?

H: “Could you please put some extra hair in it please?” No, I didn’t but at one point I once looked into the kitchen. Yes, I was in the restaurant, and I could look into the kitchen, and there was this hairy person and he was doing things with pots and pans, so he was the cook and his head was covered with a chef’s hat but he was bald, totally bald. But he had very hairy arms!

N: Yeah, so it was from the arms, obviously, that’s not so bad, it could be so much worse!

H: And I thought probably he did not understand why you’re wearing this hat, I mean, you don’t need to wear it because they don’t have hair, but maybe should have worn sleeves.

N: It could have also been the leg of an insect.

H: Thats not worse because, I mean, I do eat meat but I don’t eat hair usually.

N: But the leg of an insect is not meat, it’s chitin I think, maybe it’s seven the same substance as hair!

H: I could find out but I don’t want to do bad things to animals but I could burn a leg of an insect in order to smell whether it smells like burnt hair. Yeah, because i’ve been smoking for a large part of my life, so I know from standing in the wind what burnt hair smells like.

N: You can find out much easier, you can google it. I give you a better argument, say “I don’t eat my own species”, you can say it in a considering way so I’ll get nervous and won’t pursue this any further.

H: That would be a valid point. But really, I could google it, times are changing. I said that earlier today because I went to see my mother, I had to bring her a present which I had ordered for her, so my husband and I brought it there and her special friend was there and they were extremely nice and friendly, and loose, and everything was nice. And after we left, my husband said to me, Oh, my God! They were totally drunk! I thought. yes, Oh, I didn’t realize that, but he was right, they were totally drunk.

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  1. Och, wenn Leute betrunken nett werden, ist das vermutlich ihre wahre Persönlichkeit. Und das ist doch auch was Schönes. 😉

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