Der Große Adventskalender TP – 1. Türchen

Hier ist Teil II – nichts ist daran oder darin oder jetzt besser, aber wenn wir eins in den letzten 3 Jahren gelernt haben, dann: nicht aufhalten lassen.

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H: We talked about schizophrenia. I remembered this morning that – you know, when I speak English, I try to enunciate. I’ve tried to enunciate, but without any success, I remember this morning that back then when I was a PhD student, I once used my – I don’t even know what it was because it probably wasn’t my smartphone back then, but I used something to convert my speech to text and send it to my supervisor, he was American. And I remember that anytime I said, “German”, the speech to text said, “Toronto”. And we tried to analyze why my “German” sounds like “Toronto” because it doesn’t, I mean, German, German, Toronto, Toronto.

N: Not even the same length.

H: But we never discovered the reason for that. So, this morning I thought, speaking English into a speech to text tool, I hope, things have evolved massively in the last 15 years, because otherwise this is going to be real bloodshed.

N: I think it doesn’t recognize swear words. That’s going to be a problem. But let’s try [***]

H: [***] It doesn’t [***] it doesn’t [***] it doesn’t write it!!! [***]

N: It’s an American program, I think.

H: So, we learned earlier that when I say [*** ] it writes “bloodshed”.

N: Boy boy. That’s ridiculous. Oh my god.

H: Actually I think that’s a really nice challenge for us, because now we can invent new swear words. I kind of feel very comfortable with bloodshed.

N: So, when someone says something that’s really nonsensical, you say: THAT’S ALL BLOODSHED!

H: Yeah. There is a sitcom, what’s it called, it is called the Good Side? The Good Place.

N: I wouldn’t know.

H: You see, people there die and go to heaven. You wouldn’t know about that either.

N: But we wanted so save talking about religion for another day because we don’t know if it’s worth it. You know, I don’t mean religion itself, it obviously isn’t, but the transcript.

H: BAMM. But so, In the good place, because they can’t swear and eventually they find out that it’s actually hell pretending to be heaven, it’s very funny, but they cannot swear there,

N: Let’s try again. Holy fuck. Now it’s right! Talk. 

H: I think that with time passing on, we will get more efficient and talk to that THING in a way that that THING understands us.

N: By THING you mean the artificial intelligence?

H: Yeah. If you want to call it intelligence. I think I’ll go with THING.

N: Okay.

H: And, we saw that earlier already, It cannot distinguish between you and me.

N: And that’s, you know, I don’t know what to say.

H: You should be happy because I am so much funnier than you are and the THING thinks you could be funny too.

N: But maybe it just doesn’t believe that one person alone is talking so much.

H: Okay, good point.

N: So maybe we find some closing remarks for this for today like “We are all in this together and all will be well in the end”.

H: We will practice, talking to the THING as you call it, the intelligence.

N: I’ll save this now. We need to reflect for a moment because last time I saved it, it didn’t save the end, so maybe we just have to, you know, like you do – I really don’t know where you do such a thing like just sit and don’t do anything but this is what should happen now. I never do that, I have no idea what possible context could be.

H: I play Candy Crush.

N: Okay, so let’s maybe count to 20 and then save the transcript, 10 is probably not enough. It’s not some sort of quick intelligence, the THING.

H: But it will learn from us I hope.

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