Der Große Adventskalender TP – 8. Türchen (Teil 2)

Lesen Sie hier, was bisher geschah!

H: I have a little anecdote. When my kid was 5 and that soccer game happened, in 2014, as I said he was sleeping between us and very grumpy because we woke him up all the time, and then later that night, that was actually a very nice moment, we was talking in his sleep and he said “I wish my daddy was Miroslav Klose”.

N: Oh, the THING does not know Miroslav Klose, look, it wrote “I wish my daddy was beautiful clothes.”

H: We can make that the topic, we can try to pronounce funny names of soccer players, I want to put Bastian Schweinsteiger.

N: The THING knows Schweini. He is more famous than Klose. Let’s try others. Oh, it knows Beckenbauer! What was the guy with the scary hair called, the doctor? 

H: Happens Imola Mola – OK the THING doesn’t know him. Good that my son never wanted him to be his dad. Okay, so let’s talk about something that you don’t have to cut out because it is so boring. Do you have a topic?

N: No.

H: You have to come up with one quickly1

N: I’m devoid of ideas.

H: I wrote about you in my blog today.

N: Oh, what did you write? I didn’t read it. Is it still there or did you delete before I could read it because it was slander?

H: Something like that. No, I spoke to my son about Alice Schwarzer – oh at some point we will have to make a video podcast so people see your face when I say Alice Schwarzter! – and then  things rambled on in my head and I came to the conclusion that I hope that when I’m old, I have a person around me, and you will probably be that person because you are very handy for that, you’re kind of tough, because people need someone if they are still exposed to the media or large groups of people when they are old to tell them to stop talking, you’re talking bullshit!

N: Absolutely, yes, and I still wonder – we spoke about this on the train to Prague – I mean, what’s wrong with those people around Elon Musk? Where’s his mother, what is she doing, where is his father?

H: I only know that he has a mother. I think she’s very pretty for her age.

N: That’s not my point, there must be someone, friends, he must have friends at least, people around him, who say, OK, Elon, come on now that’s quite enough we go home now.

H: Maybe if you are like ridiculously rich, you lose all your friends because you stop trusting anyone, and maybe he does not have anyone. But, I don’t know, I think if I became ridiculously righ I would still trust you. Even though I know that one day you will shoot me when I turn my back, I know that.

N: I thought you would say you knew that one day I would be immeasurably rich!

H: Yeah, that would be nice. But, but still, I would know and expect that you always tell me the truth and that you always come and say, Come on, it’s enough.

N: Yes, so, what about Elon, where are his people?

H: I don’t know, but then again to come back to my blog post. I thought that probably you would be the one. And then I remembered that once you told me that he wants to be a really angry senior. And we could write angry letters.

N: Letters to the editor, absolutely. But you know, when I am retired I want to become an internet troll.

H: But you are an internet troll now!

N: I am not, I’m such a nice person.

H: Anyway, when we are old we go Joe Biden, not Jopie Heesters or Alice Schwarzer.

N: Or Thomas Gottschalk.

H: But Joe Biden, presidency, only in a job sharing model.

N: Oh, did you hear about the big raid there was to day? The people who wanted to overthrow the state, and they had already made some sort of plans, they had thought about who would be minister for what, and – you know I was really hurt – nobody gave us a phone call??

H: Because you thought. Come on, I mean, who would be the first person to call if you want to overthrow the government?

N: Not necessarily, but if you want a different, you know, Queen, they should have asked us. We offered often enough.

H: I wouldn’t be able to fit it in the calendar at the moment.

N: We would find ways.

H: When I was lying in bed and embraced the flu I watched a TV show that I actually really I liked a lot but after three season they stopped it. It’s called Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland as the Designated Survivor, and that’s a similar story it’s a story about people blowing up the capital with all the politicians and the least capable politician that day was the Designated Survivor, and he’s the president then and he grows into that role. It’s very interesting. And so they tried to find out of course who blew up the capital and caught thousands of people. And it’s a kind of similar situation, people who went to overthrow the government to build a new order. And then it’s scary if you open the paper and see oh actually that’s actually happening. And, yeah.

N: I’m really not happy with what is happening around me at the moment. I dislike the terrorism and Reichsbürger thing, and I’m concerned about the lack of medicine, because there are already three medicines people in my environment take, and they are no longer available now and they are quite standard things like statins and antibiotics. And that’s not good.

H: Yes, this is very close to my professional turf though, and, let me put it like this, it’s not really “Thank you Karl Lauterbach”. It’s like pulling the wrong triggers. I mean, things like antibiotics and stuff will always be made sure that they are available, I’m much more concerned about very specific cancer drugs for instance, Because if they are not in stock then maybe 1000 people don’t have them but that is not the huge media impact. Now, I’m scared of that.

N: Let’s end with this depressing thought.

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