Der Große Adventskalender TP – Endlich Heiligabend-Türchen

Was bisher geschah

H: By the way, if you are looking for a Christmas present for me for next year, maybe you could find me another one of those lamps your office gave to everyone for Christmas.

N: Oh, we didn’t, I didn’t want that to happen, why should people want a lamp, everyone has lamps already.

H: Because they are so nice.

N: You speak like a person with a shopping addiction. No, no lamps.

H. Ok good, I have my lamp already. But I researched that for you and sent you a link, ready to click!

N: But I think it’s crazy to buy 100 lamps which no one ever thought they needed just because they are nice. But I bought the champagne instead, so don’t complain. Back to the baby now.

H: So, I do not only have this husband, I also have a sister and she has a son and he is 31 now and he recently became a father. So I am a great aunt now! So what happened, he had that baby and then he bought a house with his girlfriend and they are in the middle of moving right now. So it was to be the first time he will not be here for Christmas because he has a newborn and no home.

N: So they are in a stable? Maybe with a crib for a bed? This is very Christmasy. And now you need to buy 3 presents, let me guess, you buy incence and myrrh and what was the 3rd thing?

H: Oh, my God, I’m looking for a golden star, there is something starting here!!

N: What was the third thing? Gold?

H: Oil I think, or some balm. I can as my sister because she is a church official.

N: I can ask google. It is gold. And you wanted to bring oil. Just imagine!

H: Anyway I bought some small things like soap and chocolate for everyone for Christmas and I realized I had forgotten them, I could have given my sister something for them, but I forgot. So I thought I write a nice little card and say “we will come after Christmas”, buy myself time, but today my sister told me, that actually they will come as well, they just don’t know at which time yet but they will come with the baby. So I need something physical, I need to buy something, I ordered something in the baby shop and need to pick it up by 10 because I know what babies need.

N: Which is absolutely nothing.

H: Right. A baby needs nothing so you can get something you like and that fits into your apartment, but did you know that in Holland you get a list of what you have to buy for the baby and they come and check?

N: That was the same when we took the cats from the animal shelter.

H: Yes, the funny thing is I I think that a cat needs more than a newborn baby. At least if you nurse the baby. But in Holland you need to buy these stupid things, including a hot water bottle.

N: We consider that to be dangerous here in Germany. Anyway, what did you buy?

H: I don’t know the English word. A “Trapez”. A wooden stand with little figures hanging from it.

N: Ah, my daughter had it as well and she used it as a walking aid when she was 8 months old. They like that.

H. So yes, it is good entertainment plus a very useful 8. 8. 8!!!

N: Aid.

H: I don’t know what is happening there.

N: Anyway. I summarize now because you have to run: I don’t concern myself with presents. I bring champagne and fireworks.

H: And fireworks!

N: I bring champagne and fireworks. There will be no presents except what you buy for the two of us. Husbands and children don’t get anyting.

H: They are allowed to spend the day in our delightful company.

N: This is a perfect ending.

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