Der Große Adventskalender TP – 21. Türchen

H: Hello, Hello!

N: Hello yourself. Look at my view!

H: What’s wrong with it?

N: There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s very nice. The view out of my window!

H: Well yeah but this is not a very new view for me.

N: Even less so for me but the colours are nice today. Pastel colors. Look at the details! I thought you are the person who sees ugliness and beauty.

H. Well, yes, certainly it’s me but I’m not the person you want to talk to about the beauty of sky color at your office. Well if this is the only thing we can still talk about, then it’s really good that it’’s already the 21st of December because we need to stop the TP very soon. VERY soon.

N: I’m surprised by the vehemence of your reaction. Where are you anyway? I have never seen this shelf before.

H: I just turned to the other side and I have this very clever camera that follows me. Look, if I get up and move to this side…

N: Yes, stop that already I know all this, we have spoken about this at least twice before – oh you are speaking to the audience again!

H: I’m not, I was speaking to you. You asked a question.

N: Ah, but I am bored if I hear the same thing twice. Speak about something else. What is today’s topic?

H: So we talked about my office, my hair, about my sexual fantasies with or without teddybears already, I think it is your turn!

N: I wanted to speak about sky colors, but you were not receptive.

H: Yes, you have to come up with something different.

N: OK, food. I just had very good Asian food. Salmon in miso sauce with cucumber salad and something else, but I have forgotten, I did not eat it anyway, this other thing which they put on my plate even though I did not order it.

H: I have very good food as well, look!

N: Strawberries?

H: What? No, raspberries!

N: But it’s huge! Show it again. Okay, I see, it’s flat.

H: So for lunch I had 5 oranges, 200 grams of pineapple and 200 grams of…

N: I had 2 salmon steaks with miso sauce and cucumber salad.

H: Was it a business lunch? Oh, my God, that sounds so decadent! I want to be you!

N: It was. With a headhunter. She did several placements for me over the last year, so I paid her loads of money, tons of money, so she took me out for lunch.

H: And then you had the salmon of course.

N: Well it was from the lunch menu, actually moderate in price but it was a bit much, I don’t eat that much at lunch because I usually don’t have breakfast and if lunch is my first meal I can’t really eat that much.

H: We need to stop that because I have like 2 and a half kilos of fruit in me and now all I can think of is salmon. I don’t want to talk about food anymore.

N: Well, what is it then? No sky colors, no food, I’m with my back to the wall. Ask me anything. 

H: So how’s your end of the year business going? Are you relaxed? Or are you very stressed?

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