Der Große Adventskalender TP – 14. Türchen (Teil 2)

Well well, I almost forgot! Teil 1 finden Sie hier!

N: Yes, I imagine your husband probably doesn’t want to have a teflon coated one because she coating might come off and poison the whole family, right?

H: Exactly. And whenever he cooks something, which is not that often, but whenever he does, afterwards he says well, it didn’t turn out so good because it was the wrong frying pan. He wants a very simple one, without anything, just iron, very heavy. I bought it at Manufactum, he feels that website. I think if you want to get a present for a middle-aged man, you buy them at Manufactum. A Gusseisenpfanne. What is Gusseisen in English?

N: Cast iron. Did you know that I did an apprenticeship in the steel industry? I don’t know if we ever talked about that. It was a bilingual apprenticeship, so I know all the words, cast iron, welded steel, blast furnace, refined steel and so on.

H: Now what are we doing, are we looking for anything interesting to talk about?

N: I would enjoy talking about steel and concrete for the rest of the day, because, you know, so far today I’ve only spoken about feelings.

H: People should see your face when you say the word feelings, it’s like you’re vomiting into the camera.

N: Yeah, really, you know, I just discovered so much old hurt today which has not fully healed. Hurt feelings about stamps and pens and tissue. And you know, I ask a very simple question, and I get a very complicated answer. And I say, Okay, but what is the connection between my question and this answer? For example my question is “Can I get an 85 cents stamp please” and the answer is that there’s a binder and the black box, and 20 years ago, the black box was kept in a certain sideboard but it’s not any longer and this is about responsibility. I still do not fully understand the connection but I learnt that yes, there are hurt feelings because situations which happened 20 years ago we were not resolved competently, and now it’s on my desk. So I prefer steel and concrete.

H: Yeah, and all you ever wanted was the 80% stamp. I’m very sorry about that. Oh, my man Today everyone went outside. My kid went to school for the first time in 2 and a half weeks, and my husband has gone to work, too, So he is outside the apartment. So I was alone here except when they came to put things into the conservatory, oh and I did not finish telling you about the presents, my husband gets the cast iron skillet, my kid gets a puzzle and Wellington’s in size 47…

N: Do you know what is really, really good about the Transcript?

H: No.

N: I will say this now and then we will be finished for today. So, if my attention wanders while you are talking and then, suddenly, you are looking at me so expectantly for an answer – I can then just quickly scan the transcript on the right hand side of the screen to see what you were talking about. I do wish I had that all the time on the right hand side to my eye, in my whole life!

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