Der Große Adventskalender TP – 11. Türchen

H: Now we can talk.

N: Where’s the transcript?

H: Well, you I cannot see you I can see the transcript, though. Okay, but I would rather see you. 

N: Now you can see me. Hello! How are you? Hello, Everyone. Oh, we all have blankets that’s a good thing it’s cold outside isn’t it.

H: It’s very cold outside. I had to stand in front of an open window today.

N: I was standing outside.

H: That was very nice. It was probably even colder than inside

N: Do you have a chewing gum in your mouth or something?

H: Yes, and I can see that I have my ugly glasses on. But well, it’s only you.

N: There was something twinkling in your mouth. So I thought either it’s a gold tooth which would have been news for me, or maybe it’s a chewing gum.

H: It’s a chewing gum. We are on the sofa recovering, and I won the lottery today.

N: Oh, how much is it it?

H: It was very funny because I ordered medicine on Doc Morris, and as a thank you for ordering. I had the opportunity to play lotto, and for only €1. And then I realized I’m 46 I never played lotto in my life. Maybe I can do that for €1, I mean I wouldn’t pay more. But €1, whatever, and so I did that. And now I won. I just got an email saying you won one. you won €1.70. So I just made 70 cents by ordering stuff online. Magic.  

N: I have no idea how you can win €1.70, it’s probably fake, there are fixed amounts for the lower price classes, it is €7 or something. So I assume you didn’t win 1 Euro but 1 million. And you started to tell this story and then you thought oh, I wouldn’t want to have this in the transcript and all over the internet, so you changed your story half way through and said some random other number but lacked the background knowledge to make it sound convincing.

H: While you were rambling on I checked my email and I did win €1.70.

N: Liar. How many numbers were correct?

H: I have no idea it doesn’t say.

N: Can you look it up please? Or no, maybe the more interesting question is, what happens now.

H: They say that they booked it on my player’s account. And then I can either play for €1.70 or they can transfer it on my bank account.

N: Yes, and what will you do?

H: The funny thing is that even writing the email, say, please transfer it on the following bank account cost me more in time than €1.70, but I don’t see myself playing, not all. So I guess I would have them transfer it on my bank.

N: I guess you will do nothing at all.

H: Right. Oh look there’s something interesting happening here.

N: Oh, the door frame which I almost hit and killed you when I was standing in front of your window. Why is it being carried through the living room now?

Mr. H: I am a carpenter today!N: Can you move the camera a bit to the other side please, because I want to see if what I am seeing is what I think I am seeing – no, to the other side – a bit up please. Yes, I was right. 


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