Der Große Adventskalender TP – 23. Türchen, die Zielgerade

N: Wait a minute, I have to set my phone on ignore, it must be possible to speak for 3 minutes without being interrupted by a call. We have to do this incredibly quickly now.

H: Oh, that’s actually a very good idea because I seriously don’t see myself posting anything today, I need to run, I need to blow dry my hair and then I need to run and be out of this house without a computer, I have guests now through to the 26th and they want to have it nice and I have just no time at all!

N: Okay so we won’t see you anywhere on Social Media at all until the 27th. Noted.

H: No, that’s not true, it is a different thing to do real typing, working on a document or just do a TRÖT, I just can’t blog.

N: I wanted to say that I can blog this for you but I can’t and this is not because I don’t know your password, I do know your password, it’s because I have no time either. I just got scheduled another call today.

H: Another TP? With someone else??

N: Of course. Someone I know from the internet, a smart and funny person. Haha everyone should be able to see your face now!

H: I’ll never be angry again in the morning, I’ll only be sweet and nice and do the best TPs whenever you want.

N: Nah, I have someone else now and don’t ask who it is, I won’t tell you.

H: The important question is, did I sleep with him? Because then it will be awkward, otherwise I don’t care.

N: How would I know? But anyway I lied. The truth is that…

H: Of course you did, no one is good enough to do that with you except for me, that’s what you wanted to say!

N: No, this is not what I was going to say, I actually wanted to say something in 2 parts and the first part was to be very, very nice but I couldn’t find the words in me somehow and now you ruined it. So you have to do this first part yourself. The second part was to be that no one except for you is so fucking crazy. This second part is the only thing you get now, take it or leave it.

H: Okay changing the topic because I have to ask you a question, because I’m going to go to all the shops again today…

N: Because of your shopping addiction

H: Yes, no, I need to do shopping for New Year’s Eve.

N: Oh yes, by Champagne or Prosecco or any other sparkling thing and buy loads!

H: I have to buy other things…

N: Not true, you are going to buy the food on your way back home from the island in the North Sea, your husband told me.

H: Yes but we are travelling with 3 people and a dog and 4 suitcases in a tiny car…

N: So don’t put the meat together with the dog or there may be a problem

H: Oh my god I just realize I have to pack all those suitcases today except for the one with the frozen meat for the dog!

N: How many suitcases do you take??

Find out how many suitcases I will take by just remembering because I said it already, or read on here!

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