Der Große Adventskalender TP – 20. Türchen (Teil 2)

Was bisher geschah

H: No, not quite. Keep the bear. I once read a column when I was in San Francisco. In the cafe where I used to have breakfast every morning. They had the Onion, and there was this regular sex column by David Savage and it was very very funny.

N: Strange, I know that though I never read any papers.

H: Maybe I told you about it because it’s very deeply entrenched in me. So every time the new onion came I read it with breakfast and the first thing I used to read was the sex column because it was so funny. And one day it was about furries. People who love furry things like your bear and our new shoes and this really turns them on. So if I say I’m more into the bear than into you, thats not on a sexual level.

N: I would say there are several levels of a relationship and I do hope you prefer me over the bear intellectually.

H: … Yes.

N: There was a bit too much hesitation there.

H: That was because I wondered if you would say you are more into me than into the bear, I was thinking this through, this was the hesitation.

N: So you wanted to know what I say first before you commit. That’s pathetic!

H: Yes I have my guards all up!

N: And here I am being this no guards person.

H: Yes but you are quick. We are both clever but I am planning ahead, but you are so quick you never need plans.

N: Right, I am this weaselly type. Anyway, my furry shoes arrived too and I don’t know, maybe my feet have grown but they fit perfectly, I can’t imagine how you wear them with two pairs of socks.

H: Oh, I don’t, only one pair of socks. I think in general we have the same size, but my feet are a tiny bit bigger than yours, so we always buy the same size with the same amount of socks.

N: I arranged that I’ll get them for Christmas from my husband, because, you know, i’m this person who never wants to get physical things so he suffers from that.

H: Well I always give you a piece of my precious time but he can’t do this because he is with you anyway.

N: And he liked them, he likes Doc Martens in general and he likes the zebra. 

H: My goth neighbour thinks they are not so cool. I wore them today and got many compliments except from my goth neighbor, she said “okay this is for a bad taste party”.

N: Well, tastes are different. We don’t care what she thinks. You said this morning or yesterday, I have no idea, that your feet remember the feeling from a hundred years ago – the feeling of wearing Doc Martens. And you were right, my feet remember it too. It was the same with Chucks.

H: I can’t wear Chucks any more because of my ankle. 

N: Anyway. So I was happy to find them. and then they were sort of dragged off my feet by my daughter, because she has the same size and the same taste, so they are in danger.

H: So let’s hope for the best, maybe you can borrow them.

N: Me? She can borrow them. 

H: Ok, yes, very good catch, let’s go back to maybe she can borrow them from you.

N: That might work. Also linguistically.

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