Der Große Adventskalender TP – 19. Türchen

N: Oh, you did your nails?

H: Yes, but I already chipped them again.

N:  Oh, why?

H: Because I did them 2 days ago, and then I forgot the last layer of protecting varnish.

N:  Okay, that’s stupid. Ugh, some power point about the acquisition of Twitter by Musk is opening here, why is that, I don’t want to see this. I didn’t have the time to do my nails in the past few weeks. But I’ll do it again soon. There is no use in not having good nails.

H: No, and I had this period where I didn’t find the time for a couple of weeks recently. And then I did my nails because I was going somewhere where I wanted to have my nails done, a job thing. And every time I now look at my hands I think “Oh thank God”.

N: And when I don’t do it I start biting my nails. And of course I started already, but it’s still okay-ish. There is still some white remaining, which is good, and I used to have these strange curves in the nails of my thumbs after Covid but they are gone now. This is good. Anyway, you had a couple of topics for today.

H: But I’m too tired now.

N:  But we should list the topics to we don’t forget them. One was your hair, I have forgotten the other ones.

H: I didn’t want to talk about my hear but about the hairdressers appointment because that was a completely new experience, but, well, we should go into full disclosure, it’s 9.50 in the evening on a Sunday and I’m still sitting here in my office working and you just returned from a journey.

N: We can disclose that, too – it was a journey to a hospital, I was sitting at a hospital bed for 6 hours and I just came back home and now I realize that for some reason my video is in sepia, I wonder if that is because of my – oh, I don’t know the word, I never know these feely-feely-words – Stimmung.

H: Mood.

N: Moooooooood. Okay, Maybe it’s because of my mood. 

H: Anyway, the hospital is literally in front of my house So I can look at you while you’re sitting there.

N: That’s not true.

H: Okay, but only because I cannot look through walls. But when you leave the hospital you have to come by my house and so every time you knock at the window.

N: Yes, I knock at your window in order to get fed, I’m like a squirrel!

H: And today I fed you oranges.

N: And the other thing, the Dutch word. 

H: Krentebol

N: met kaas, exactly. Anyway. It’s Sunday, it’s almost 10 Pm. Tomorrow there will be ice on the streets, blitz ice, did you hear that? Well, you don’t go out anyway, so it’s irrelevant to you.

H: But I’m so excited! Because last year I stopped working on the 24th at 5:30 pm because my mom came by and this year I will stop Tuesday morning, this is why I worked so long today and my husband assembled the furniture that arrived and now there is only 1 piece of furniture left that needs to be assembled for the rest of my entire life. And this is a really fantastic feeling. Everything is assembled in my life.

N: I would be so scared by that.  I know that you like that. But we are different people, and I would be so scared it would feel so inflexible for me. I would feel I would trapped in a life that I don’t know if it will suit me forever.

H: I think it’s great. There is this huge void where they used to be flexibility in my life, and nothing made me so happy ever.

N: But what if you change?

H: I never change.

N: I know you do not plan to change but this is life, that you always keep changing – no, sorry, it is not for you. For me it is life that I always keep changing, for me this is freedom, that I have the possibility to change at any time.

H: But of course I have the possibility to change whenever I want, and to change my furniture again, ok, it would be expensive but if in 2 years I think that this is all ugly, I can just change it.

N: Yes, of course, your’re right, you can, for me this is more a mental thing.

H: For me it’s like coming home and the things tell me “this is your home and everything is perfect”. There is no ugly shelf that tells me “you need to disassemble me and replace me!” Everything is perfect and silent.

Weiter geht’s gleich hier!

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