Der Große Adventskalender TP – 13. Türchen (Teil 2)

Was bisher geschah!

N: Well, you forget to do the recording every single day. I sent you the dates and times, and you just don’t appear on my screen.

H: But problem number one is, you sent me 24 invites for the exact same moment in time. 

N: This is because you use this horrible IOS system. But then I sent you an email painstakingly listing all dates and times, especially for you.

H: Yes, that was very nice. I appreciated that highly, and then I took the first 3 days and manually put them in my calendar and then I stopped, because it was too much effort.

N: So what is your solution to this?

(long silence)

H: I hope that every day at 3 I remember to do the THING, and maybe one day I would actually do that, remember that.

N: You have 12 chances left, maybe only 10 because we may just stop on the 22nd.

H: You could challenge me, that always works.

N: No, I don’t want to concern myself with this any further. I sent the invites and the email and I usually remind people twice, and then I stop.

H: But the funny thing is today, for example, you forgot the thing, too.

N: Yes, but I remembered first again, and then I felt so righteous, that was a great feeling and I could just send you 1000 question marks and nothing else on WhatsApp, oh that felt good!

H: And the funny thing is probably I even remembered before you did because I remembered very early, but not at 3, unfortunately, and then I thought, oh, should I say something and then I thought, oh, she forgot it herself but i’ll give her the opportunity to feel righteous for once.

N: Thank you but this is not what you thought. You thought: Oh no, she will be so angry with me, I just do nothing, and maybe we lose contact and never speak to each other again and then I won’t have to face her anger!

H: Yeah, I think would be actually good if we if we lost contact over the THING because we had a short moment during dinner today…

N: Where everyone said ”oh, please don’t invite her again. No, no, no, no! She ate so much of our soup, we don’t want her to come anymore!”

H: No. we talked about our holidays and vacations next year, and then my husband said that he was so happy that we go to that small hotel for Easter again and we were all very happy, and then I said “maybe we can also go to this other hotel in that area one year in the winter, after Christmas” and my kid said “We can never do that, because until the end of times November Rain and her husband will come for New Year’s Eve.”

N: And that is true.

H: Yeah. So maybe one year, we can go there together, maybe. It is halfway between you and me basically. The place has a name that sounds a lot like a Lord of the Rings place, but it’s not. It’s a nice place. 

N: I need to see pictures first. Does it have Wifi?

H: I think we are finished with the thing for today, I don’t want to give away any further information about this place.

N: Of course not. You don’t want other people to go there because you don’t want other people there. Has your husband returned?

H: Not yet. He is probably waiting outside eavesdropping because he feels so much pressure appearing in the THING every day.

N: I’ll ask again tomorrow if he has returned.

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